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Bringing my family back together

My parents haven't spoken since they divorced, but they'll have to chat now I've invited them both to my wedding. I'm coming up with a ceremony that honours all of the love and relationships in my life including my childhood family and Michael, who is becoming part of my family. I'm not the kind of girl who spent her childhood dreaming of being a princess or bride, but I do want a beautiful wedding surrounded by all the people I love. This blog is for brides like me who are planning a wedding that involves their divorced parents and extended family.

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How To Plan For A Rainy Day Wedding

No matter how thoroughly you prepare for your wedding, one thing that you can't legislate for is the weather on the big day, so it's a good idea to ask your wedding event organiser to find a venue that caters for bad weather.  However, you still have to make it from the car into the venue and what about your photos? 

Don't let the rain put a dampener on your wedding day.  Read on for some helpful ideas on how to make a real splash, despite the downpours.

Hair and makeup tips

Damp weather can play havoc with your hair, making it frizzy and wispy.  You can combat this by washing your hair with a minimal amount of shampoo directed to the roots only and applying plenty of conditioner.  Finish off your 'do' with a good spritz of anti-frizz fixing spray.

Make sure that all your makeup, especially your mascara, is water-resistant, and use a light misting of fixing spray to set it.  It's a good idea to take some translucent face powder with you, so that you can pat away any raindrops if necessary.

Take clean towels with you

If your event venue has beautiful gardens, you needn't miss out on an outdoor photo opportunity between showers.  Take a couple of clean, colourfast towels with you, so that you can wipe down wet seats or benches.

Brollies and wellies

To keep you dry during the brief journey from your car to the church and wedding reception venue, invest in a brolly to match your wedding colour scheme.  There are brollies available in myriad colours and styles including lace, bling, frills and bows, soft pastels and metallics.  If you'd like some photos taken outside, why not kit your guests out with matching brollies too?

If you have your heart set on outside pictures, you could exchange your heels for wellies for the photos.  There are wellies available in every colour and design imaginable, from pretty pastels and floral motifs to patriotic designs and bright block patterns.

Ask your wedding photographer's advice

Your wedding photographer will be able to help you to put together a plan of action in case it's wet on your wedding day.  It's a good idea to check out the event venue together, so that you can pick out suitable locations for your photos, both inside and out.  

In conclusion

Even if it rains, your wedding day photos needn't be a total wash-out.  Follow the advice given above for perfect pictures of your big day, rain or shine.